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Zippers what the zip is it all about; Zip-fastereners China production

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Zippers are almost as popular as Pizza'sIts Chinese mainland factory in Guangdong Province occupies 80,000 square meters and employs 400 workers. “With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and techniques and reasonable pricing, we hope to become number one in our industry. Our export network covers Europe, the USA and Asia,” says Yip. Monthly output is three million zippers and while there is no minimum order requirement, there is a dyeing charge of about US$ 20 if an order is not more than 1,500 pieces per color. The zippers use copper and nylon from Taiwan and Korean, and clients include top fashion label Liz Claiborne.

According to East Dragon Zipper (China Co Ltd, trends indicate the Chinese mainland will become the zipper-manufacturing centre of the world in the 21 century. “Our corporate dream is to see the Chinese mainland’s zipper industry and our company thrives together,” says marketing executive Elsa Wu. “Every zipper we produce undergoes rigorous examination and has to pass exacting quality standards.

East Dragon makes zippers in many colors and waterproof types for rainwear. “Customers send us materials so we can exactly match the zipper to the garment. We send them a book showing all our colors” says Wu.

The company produces two million zip-fasteners per day at its Chinese mainland Shanghai factory. The minimum order size is 100,000 zippers, and delivery is 10-15 days after order confirmation.

Products sell under the YCC brand name in worldwide markets. “The YCC trademark gained ‘Shanghai’s Most Famous Brand’ and ‘Most Famous Trademark’ awards in 2001 and 2002,” says Wu. “We were the first producer on the Chinese mainland to pass ISO 9002 certification and the UKAS from the UK.”

Meanwhile, established in 1983, the SBS zipper lays claim to being the first specialized zipper manufacturer on the Chinese mainland. “Our group acts on the management principles of sincerity, commitment and innovation,” says manager Peter Wong. “We also place great emphasis on research and training and maintain an SBS college to train employees in the latest technology. We conduct research on equipment-related design and our products find their way to markets in more than 40 countries and regions.”

Group sales increased by 20% in 2003 because of expanded capacity and it hopes to achieve a similar increase this year, he says. Monthly production totals more than 30 million zippers, while a minimum order is 3000-5000 zip-fasteners per color for delivery 7-10 days after order confirmation. Products appear under the SBS brand name.

“Our factories are in Xiamen and Shanghai and have a total area of 130,000 square meters and we employ more than 4,000 workers, and we are proud of having gained ISO 9002 certification. Furthermore, the Zipper Technology Center of China named us “China’s most Famous Brand Name’,” Says Wong.

It looks as though Hong Kong has the fastener market all zipped up.
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