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Jeans, do we know how to clean them? Cool water in the washer

How to take care of your denim clothing

How can I clean my jeans trouser?

First if is advisable to wash your jeans trousers inside out; with this you can also avoid unnecessary damage and wear. Washing new jeans or denim pieces with older jeans or denim clothing can give the old jeans or denim clothing pieces a brighter Indigo blue color.

Jeans Washing LabelBe careful to washing new jeans trousers with other apparels, because it is known that the Indigo dye in new denim clothing can also transfer to other apparels in the wash. Cool water in the washer and cooler settings on the dryer can usually help keep jeans from shrinking too much. Always follow the care instructions in your jeans. If they still shrink or fade a lot, contact the manufacturer or store.

After a household flood or street flood, it is important to clean your clothing as quickly as possible. Cleaning your clothing and washable textiles may be the easiest part of your flood cleanup job. If you get started right away, you can avoid mildew that can permanently damage clothes. Floodwater often is contaminated with sewage and can be a source of infectious disease, so soaked clothing and textiles must be thoroughly cleaned.

Everybody knows the problem, after a heavy night out, your clothing smell terrible the smell of smoke and alcohol can be very strong. Even after a wash in the washing machine the smell is not gone, what can we do? Soak your jeans trousers overnight, using a presoak laundry product, or for a few hours in a solution of water and laundry detergent, this solution can be stronger then the label of the detergent describes. Some dry cleaners can use ozone treatment to remove the smoke smell of your clothing.

Spend your time on items that were your favorites or were more expensive. But, keep in mind that some items may need to be discarded. Wear rubber gloves when handling flood-soaked clothing.

Dry clean-only clothes (tailored or lined wool, silk, and some rayon and/or linen) should be allowed to air dry so they don’t mildew before going to the cleaners. When dry, put items in clean plastic bags to take them to the cleaner

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