Jeans it's not one-size-fits-all when you are choosing the latest jeans style

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Jeans, what to look for if we buy them? Shrinkage

Jeans are cut to fit various body shapes, too. For example, some men's jeans have full-cut styling and are available in regular and extra or big sizes. Jeans with full-cut styling are cut wider in the seat and thigh and longer in the rise (crotch area) for a more comfortable fit. In fact, the major jeans companies now have trademark names for cut of jeans, such as Levi's® "Silvertab," which is a baggier fit with tapered ankle, or Levi's® "Looser Fit," which is cut fuller in the seat, thigh, and knees. Lee's® "Relaxed Fit" is cut for loose fit in seat and thigh. Other general terms used may include "cowboy cut," "relaxed fit," "full cut," or "loose fit." "Tight fit "Boys' jeans are available in regular, slim, and husky cuts. Girls size pants are offered in three size types to accommodate slender, average, and fuller body types. Junior girls sizes accommodate the slim silhouette. Misses sizes are available in a wide range, and in proportioned lengths.

If gals want to purchase men's jeans, refer to special conversion charts available at stores, in retail catalogs, or on some product charts. Use women's hip measurement to compare with men's waist measurement on the chart. A general guide is, if female measurements fall between, go to smaller size for close fit and larger size for fuller fit. Remember, a female's waist-hip contour and proportions differ from a male's. Men's jeans still may not fit close to the waist without alteration, and the jean's waist will not be at the natural waistline of a female.

Special styling, such as contour waistlines and extra leg width at knee or calf, influence your choice. You may prefer jeans cut and sized by one manufacturer.

It's best to try on jeans whenever possible. Make use of size/measurement information and consider if regular, full, or slim would be comfortable. Remember to allow for shrinkage.

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