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Moisture Management: Myths, Magic, and Misconceptions, Moisture management concepts and promotional activities are crossing over from recreational performance apparel into general wearing apparel.

The Development of specific fibers among synthetics has encouraged natural fibers producers to redouble their effort to protect the shrinking market,The earliest attempts to modify synthetic fibers were believed to aim at creating anti-static fibers for the carpet industry. Recently, with a shift in emphasis towards ecologically friendly materials, there has been renewed interest in various types of fiber modification.

Zippers what the zip is it all about; Zip-fastereners business, Invented in Chicano in 1893 by Whitcomb Judson and in it early stage was more a hook-and-eye shoe fastener, zip-fasteners did not come into general until the 1930s, when the zipper beat the button fly in the 1937, following the discovery that zippers made it easier for children to dress themselves

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