Jeans it's not one-size-fits-all when you are choosing the latest jeans style

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Why are Jeans and Denim Clothing so popular?

What is it about the jeans-clad female body? Why does denim, a working man’s fabric, often pack more sexual punch than ladylike satins?

We have some theories about why denim jeans are sex machines:

Jeans don’t try hard. And as everyone knows, not trying hard is sexy. Jeans belonged to men before we stole them. And any female who has lost herself in her high-school sweetie’s jacket knows about that mojo women get from wearing men’s clothing.

Jeans provide structure. Denim can magically hide not-firm thighs, or transform a droopy butt into a bootylicious bundle.

Jeans never really fade away, but they’ve gone from tomboy to sexpot in the last few seasons. Here’s how to do denim today.

Jeans for 20 somethings: Enjoy your youth-given right to extremely low-cut waistlines. But(t), beware the squished bum look. “I’m so tired of rectangle butts!” lamented a male friend when he saw a group of gals all wearing the same low slung, too-tight jeans. Here’s a solution that keeps jeans’ sex appeal intact: shop for a cut that’s low in front and a little higher in back. You youngsters also get to wear the jeans with all the bells and whistles, like lace up fronts, cargo pockets, and elaborately bleached “fades.” However, realize that jeans with a lot of tchotchkes on them can smack of discount store pre-teen departments. If you’d like to add some dignity to your denim, read on.

Jeans for 30sJeans for 30 somethings: It’s okay for you to wear the neo-bell bottoms that are everywhere (please, no thongs peeping above the waistline) but there are alternatives this season if you want to be bleeding edge: a lot of magazines are showing narrower jeans tucked into spiky boots, a great look for a slightly hotter-than-casual weekend. Guess and Levi’s are offering new denim jumpsuits for the truly gutsy; Levi’s is a sleeveless number called a “boiler suit,” but we think it’s meant to be paired with stilettos instead of boiler-room work boots. If you have the money to drop more than $100 on denim, the jeans du jour are Blue Cult. If you’re a bit more frugal, there are plenty of other jeans out there with the same contemporary lines - you add the cachet.

Jeans for 40 somethings: Absolutely avoid full hipped, nipped at the ankles jeans. Also, just say “no” to pleated fronts. Since fashions change long before jeans wear out, you might have some of those denim dinosaurs in your drawers. Use ‘em for gardening, you practical jeans saver, but don’t wear them out on the town. Here’s the hard part - you must also avoid wearing any jeans that are so trendy they’d embarrass your daughter. What’s a woman in the prime of life to do? You don’t have to go for the full Aguilera, but keep the legs of your jeans slightly flared, and the front flat. Hugo Boss dark denim trousers have that up-to-date shape, and a waistline that’s low enough to please you and not scandalize the kid.

Jeans for 50 somethings: Jeans are skin-tight right now, but that painful look just doesn’t cut it once you’re old enough to know better. Keep the silhouette the same (lowish and slightly flared to straight), but don’t let it bind. Try this looser cut in light weight denim. Also, shoes play an important supporting role right now: add heels to dress up your flared denim, or trim ballerina flats to add some polish to a straighter leg. If the 501s that worked for you in your 30s now make your heinie look heinous, consider one of the many companies (Levi’s, Land’s End) that make customized jeans, based on your measurements and style preferences. And always remember this true-blue truth: your bum is never too grown up for a good pair of jeans.
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