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What are the advantages of buying jeans clothing online, it has not much advantage then buying other garments online. The best part of buying clothing online is that the larger online stores have pretty good service and return policies.

Another good part of buying jeans clothing online is that the larger stores have a broad range of jeans brands and competitive pricing.

For people who have a bit different size then the majority of the local population in the area where they live online shopping can help them, say that an Asian girl lives in a small town in Kansas USA, the local clothing shop will probably not keep stock of fashionable jeans trousers in smaller sizes. As fashion trends quickly change and jeans pants which follow the latest fashion trends are not cheap.

The seconded large group for who shopping online will keep them from uncomfortable feelings when shopping for the latest fashionable jeans trousers are the group of people who are looking for jeans trousers in the larger sizes range.

Of course there is also a group of people who just look for that vintages jeans trouser where they dreamed of for ages, this group will scout the online second hand market places as hawks and seem to enjoy themselves in just bidding for some of the vintage, special editions or collectable jeans trousers online available

Zippers what the zip is it all about, It was a long way up for the humble zipper, the mechanical wonder that has kept so much in our lives 'together.'

- November 2005 - Are the new clothes stores from Gap any good?
The new stores from Gap Inc., was born of a statistic. The company which also owns the Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic sells clothes to about 8 percent of women under 35

March 2005

The Bill of Whites,
White jeans are the new law of the land this spring, and why not? Like black, white goes with everything from pastels to prints. And, as you can see with this pair of True Religion jeans at Neiman Marcus, it's a look with legs. These five-pocket low-rise boot-cut babies are enough to put the glide in your stride all by themselves.

Januari 2005

Amsterdam-based BSUR recently completed a unique street marketing program in three German cities for its client, Wrangler Jeans. As part of the company's "Wanted" campaign, one-ton ice blocks were placed around the cities as if they had dropped from the sky. Inside the ice blocks were Wrangler jeans with WANTED sprayed on them. Upon discovery, people stared at, touched, chopped, climbed on and, otherwise, just plain had fun with the gigantic ice blocks. Wrangler Promotion teams took pictures of people interacting with the blocks and placed them in area retailer window displays where the frozen ice block theme was continued. See the full pictures 01, 02 and 03

June 2004

Men’s and woman new Vintage Dark Denim Button Fly Jeans, Five pockets, Comfort fit and Button fly. Are at the moment the most wanted online jeans styles, most brand names have jeans trousers of this style.

Of course brands like Levi, Lee, Wrangler, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Miss Sixty and other brands sell this jean style extensively online.

September 2004

Diesel Dream AdWith the new Diesel slogan “My Skin is Erotic, Diesel Dreams”. Diesel kicks off a totally new “Denim Jeans Lifestyle” ad’s campaign.

In the Netherlands, G-Star is working on brand name improvement. The whole country is full of large sized sign with G-Star Raw Denim ads.

That Jeans is not only about looking good or wearing the latest fashion trend; Denhamtown Elementary School's, Barbara Greely, Washington, Pre-K students raised $120 for the Cystic Firosis Foundation during their "Jeans for Genes Day".

Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted (Jersey's Willowbrook Mall) at the Gap last week where the oh-so-stylish "Sex and the City" star wasn't dressed head-to-toe in Gap products because she was wearing a pair of Gucci shoes with 4-inch pool cue heels. And whatever you might have heard about retail brand extension, they still don't sell those at the Gap.

- Past happenings -

Target earlier forecast December sales to rise maybe in the double digit percentage.

Last year Barnard said. "That the problem with Target was that its department stores where underperforming". If that was so then I guess that they fixed the problems. Or is this sunny forecast based on increase of online sales, as all large department stores see growth in this sector.

Especially the apparel “online” selection seems to do extremely good business. The recent concentration on the sales of brand name clothing was a good movement.

Luxury retailer Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation has appointed Jacki Nemerov as executive vice president.

Polo Ralph Lauren is a premium lifestyle retailer, with brands such as Polo Jeans Co and Polo by Ralph Lauren.

VF Jeanswear, the company that makes Lee and Wrangler jeans, will close two plants in the El Paso area and reduce the work force at two other factories as it moves more than 1,000 El Paso-area jobs to Mexico by the end of the year.

San Francisco Sewing Association, a roughly 60-person garment factory at 419 Allan St. in Daly City's Bayshore neighborhood. It was the 30-year-old company's last surviving factory in an age of overseas manufacturing, according to owner Louis Quan; and now work has completely dried up. He's retiring, he said.

The San Francisco Sewing Association used to work with Levi's, the Gap and Esprit before those companies sent work elsewhere. A pair of Levi's jeans bought in 2001 now bears a "Made in Mexico" label. Quan's last remaining client was Oakland-based clothing company Koret of California.

Hong Kong-based fashion retailer Esprit Holdings Ltd has revealed further change to the top management of its US subsidiary Esprit USA.

Carmine Porcelli, head of the North American licensing business since January 2004, will serve as the new director of Esprit USA, effective 1 September 2004.

Spykar, Indian jeans brand all set for expansion. Makers of Spykar jeans, will add eight more exclusive retail stores by the end of this fiscal as part of its expansion plans.

- Fashion Comments -

Low-rise jeans easily sink into low-class

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has seen more than her share of butts in the past year.
As I've watched jeans slip lower and lower down the derriere, I can only conclude that Beyonce's bootyliciousness is being sold out for a nation of bootytrociousness.

The laws of fashion dictate that when jeans get this low, it's only a matter of time before things have to change. Yet change comes way too slowly, so I'm forced to express my distress over low-rise jeans.

Somewhere in the wilds of our imagination we have been bamboozled into believing that if Britney and Beyonce can wear it, so can we.

Please. They are among the elite few who can actually pull it off without making the leap from sexy to sleazy. These celebs also have cash and great stylists to ensure that they have the best-fitting, booty-hugging, low-rise jeans.

The rest of us are not so fortunate. May I suggest a Three-Step Sit Test before you buy your next pair?
1. Once you've squeezed your size-10 body into the size-6 low-rise jeans with Lycra, sit down. (You'll need a mirror for the next step.)
2. Take a look at your backside. Is cleavage showing?
3. If so, take the jeans off, leave them where you found them and walk away.

There's good news ahead: The pendulum is swinging in the fashion industry; low-rise jeans are on the way out. Until then, wear a long shirt.

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