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Thinking of Jeans is about wanting Fashionable results with Denim
The road to today’s jeans was surely not the easiest, with a complex sequence of processing steps, and some help from Mother Nature. We are able to master them all. From spinning the fabrics to finishing the jeans, we know all there is to know about jeans production.

You can get a rush on what we now-a-day know about the production of our jeans. Today high speed fabric spinning companies, with high technology weaving processing aids for weaving factories produce denim fabric so fast that it is hardly to imagine. The dyeing technology is also not standing still, with high-tech dyeing techniques things are today possible what the first jeans producers not even could dream about, for washings and finishing the story is the same. With all this new techniques the use of chemicals in the production of our perfect jeans trouser is also increased enormous. The time that we only used Indigo to successful dye a jeans trouser into the well-known blue color is history, but then today we can buy the effect and perfect fit we prefer. Producing fashionable jeans today is more then washed denim with some handmade washing effects, now-a-day scientist study the production and chemical process as of the are producing the next moon-rocket, with enzymatic technologies and other bio-agents or chemicals today’s jeans trousers are in a class of their own. And always, with products from mother natural as the source, but this source is getting fared away everyday

Influencer marketing effects by DenimBefore jeans trousers where just 100% cotton trousers, today having a 100% cotton jeans trouser is something special. Most jeans trousers now-a-day say something like 95% cotton 5% percent elastic, 90% cotton and 10% Tencel or other blends of materials. It is even possible that you find that Mother Nature touched your trouser only when you where outside, it is possible to make denim fabrics from nylon and polyester.

Of course the production of today’s high quality jeans trousers doesn’t only relay on fabrics, chemicals and want-to-be rocket scientist. Most jeans production companies do extensive research and have dedicated development expertise’s working for them. Talking on the technical side, jeans trousers will still need sewing, therefore leading machine manufacturers work closely together with jeans production companies, sewing a jeans trouser is not something you can do on the sewing machine you have at home, at least not as fast as the market dements. Working closely together with machine manufacturers gives both manufacturers an insight on future development and to grasp all the intricacies of producing the perfect jeans trouser. And since intelligent chemistry and high-tech technology machine manufacturing is not everything, leading jeans manufacturers also work closely with leading jeans retailers. To make sure that developing the perfect jeans trouser and denim fabric in general will continue.

Jeans en denim clothing has had a long history.
We all probably know that a pair of jeans trousers has a long history, but still we can see many forms of jeans clothing in today’s fashion scene, all produced with denim fabrics regardless if these fabrics are made from cotton, Tencel, elastic, Lycra, Nylon or polyester. Today fashion is more how things look then what they are made from, we can say easily that every person on this planet has at least one piece of clothing made of denim

The basic jeans trouser or also known as the basic 5-pocket pants history started in 1873 and is probably the oldest clothing style what is still worn today.

Denim is more than a cotton fabric;
Jeans, it inspires strong opinions from historians, designers, teenagers, movie stars, reporters and writers. In 1969 a writer for American Fabrics magazine declared, "Denim is one of the world's oldest fabrics, yet it remains eternally young." If continuous use of and interest in an item makes it "eternally young," then denim certainly qualifies.

Jeans, legend and fact are also interwoven when scholars discuss the origin of the name denim. Most reference books say that denim is an English corruption of the French phrase "serge de Nimes;" a serge fabric from the town of Nimes in France. However, some scholars have begun to question this explanation (c) 2000, Lynn Downey, Levi Strauss & Co. Historian
Jeans, It’s strange how an idea as contradictory as ‘designer jeans’ comes, after a while, to seem quite normal. Jeans are a practical garment that made their way into the quite impractical world of the post-war fashion system. Right alongside Tiffanys and other designer brands on New York’s classy Fifth Avenue sits an outlet for Levi’s jeans. In this paradox lies one of the most striking changes in the shape of the fashion industry.

Jeans are a garment that puts together the ingenuity and resources available in the US at the time of the civil war. This very large-scale conflict was the incentive for the industrialization of a good many work processes. The first example of what we would now recognize as mass-production techniques was for civil-war firearms. The need for military uniforms led to similar techniques being used for clothing, and to a system of standard sizes that is still with us today.

Jeans Fashion and clothing were and to some extent still are a modern, industrialized system with two distinctive rhythms of production and consumption. Whatever people wear until it wears out is clothing. Whatever people wear until a new style comes along is fashion. Jeans were once clothing rather than a fashion garment, until something happened to them that was part of a whole shift in the workings of the fashion system. Where a style would usually pass down the fashion system, jeans were one garment style that moved up. (c) McKenzie Wark lectures in media studies at Macquarie University, Sydney, and is the author of Virtual Geography (Indiana) and The Virtual Republic (Allen & Unwin).Read the full story

Tight Jeans in all colors
Tight Jeans is it true, is the tight jeans style coming back or is it already replaced by the ‘boyfriend’ style, I see more and more tight jeans trousers in the market but also see a trend that ‘boyfriend’ style jeans trousers are an upcoming item. Still manufacturers have large orders for ‘white’ tight jeans trousers, blue tight jeans and black tight trousers made of a high blend of cotton and elastic for leading brand names around the world. Maybe we will see the jeans trend change to ‘boyfriend’ style jeans trousers (Look My Trend Report), which are surely more lose fit then the average tight jeans pants. One thing I’m sure all the girls who did serious diets to fit in the latest pink color tight jeans pants, will feel relieved if the ‘boyfriend’ style jeans breaks throw. No more extensive exercising at the gym, not more excuses to not eat that last delicious cake.

The Future of Buying Jeans Online
I was reading an announcement today that the estimate of U.S. retail e-commerce sales for the second quarter of 2004, not adjusted for seasonal, holiday, or trading-day differences, an increase of 23.1 percent from the second quarter of last year.

Jeans apparel sales in the United States rose modestly in the first quarter of this year, with a double digit sales growth despite the growing percentage of online sales of apparel.
Especially the larger online jeans sales outlets of large department stores seem to do good business online. Of course basic jeans clothing is particular a perfect product for online sales, with standard sizes and understandable quality specs.
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